Tuesday, September 14, 2010

invitation for artists

Join and Play in the Artists Orchestra of Finland!
A unique one-time performance at KIASMA Theater at 2pm on November 13, 2010.

Shinji Kanki, a Japanese composer (http://silakka.fi), is looking for as
many artists(working with any arts) as possible to form a temporal
orchestra in order to realize his newest composition "The Art of War - War

Instruments required are Your everyday listening system, such as record
player, c-cassette player, radio, mp3 player (with speakers), etc. You
would read simple instructions how to "PLAY" your listening system.

Erkki Pirtola conducts the orchestra and Kalle Leino, a young painter
plays drum as soloist. The estimated numbers of the orchestra players
needed are between 60 - 100.

!The performance date: November 13, 2010 Saturday 2pm at KIASMA Theater ->
!The rehearsal date: November 7, 2010 Saturday 4pm at Kuvataideakatemia lobby

Egle Odd, email: egodit(at)gmx.net
Shinji Kanki, email: kanki(at)silakka.fi

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  1. saisinko mää osallistua tuohon? en ehkä ees tajunnut koko hommaa, mutta kuulosti silti tosi kivalle! paitsi että ookko just tollon norjassa ekkä pääsis kannustaan?