Wednesday, November 23, 2011

c-64 kasetit talteen (ja myös disketit)

jos nurkissasi lojuu c-64 kasetteja jotka sisältää jotain rando pelejä ja sälää niin lähetä kasettisi Gruelle digitoitavaksi, osallistut samalla nepakulttuurin säilöntään. kasetit kun eivät ole ikuisia ja data on vaarassa kadota iäksi.

tsekkaa tarkemmin täältä

myös lerput kelvannee, vaikkeivät olekaan Gruella pääkohteena.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

new album out from grey park

267 lattajjaa just released a new album from Grey Park - Three Notes On Stockholm Palindrome



1. M.2.T.2010 (11:55)
2. 2.2.T.P.A. (4:18)
3. F.A.F.O.D. (10:51)

Grey park continues their excellent agent series with experimental and psychedelic notes on stockholm palindrome. No right! Released 26.10.2011.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The World Must Burn will be shown at Helsinki Short Film Festival

my movie The World Must Burn will be shown at the Helsinki Short Film Festival at their screening of experimental movies on thursday 10.11.2011

go and see it there, or just watch the youtube version if you are too lazy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vola, Grey Park, Banana Pill@Myymälä2, 14.10.2011 18:00

grey park is playing at myymälä2 this friday, other bands are Vola and Banana Pill. the concert is starting at 18:00.
entry costs 1-5euros

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We'll sleep in the ashes and pretend it's all good.

WWe'll sleep in the ashes and pretend it's all good.

an exhibition of works by Pilvari Pirtola

Gallery Gjutars
Vanha Kuninkaalantie 6
Tikkurila, Vantaa

Opening 5.10. 17-19
open until 23.10.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

some video art and wild demos and such

i just noticed that there were some old prods missing from youtube so i decided to add them.

check them out

also, check all my other videos at my youtube channel

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

set the world to flames still at mältinranta until 13.9.

my exhibition set the world to flames is still open at mältinranta, tampere until 13.9.2011 so you have a week to visit it until it's all over.

today the exhibition was mentioned at Aamulehti, the local newspaper.

also the nokkonen blog wrote about it

and nelliinan vaatehuone had some pics from the opening
(also the comment section at this blog is pretty funny to read, apparently i'm an angsty clown)

aurinsusi mentioned the show at tumblr

if you can't make it to the show there is plenty of pictures at my picasa page. just take notice that watching small images on a computer screen is nothing compared to seeing huge 2 by 2 meter paintings on a wall..

Friday, September 2, 2011

i have a gig in turku 3.10.

and here is the info in finnish:


Italialainen saxofonisti Stefano Ferrian saapuu keikoille lokakuussa.
Stefanon tausta on mm. grindcorebändissä PSYCHOFAGIST, jossa soittaa
myös ZU-tuuttaaja Luca Mai, ja sittemmin mies on kilahtanut free-jats

Toimintanamme on soittaa "triettoja" paikallisten soundivelhojen
kanssa, joten kohtaamme joka kaupungissa yhden textuurispesialistin.

Tiedossa on improvisaatioiltamat, joissa kaivetaan
avaruusromutunnelmia Stefanon tenorista, Umpion romuraudoista ja joka
keikalla yhden vierailijan omalaatuisista kytkennöistä.

la.1.10.2011 Hki / Vaihtolava / + Karanka (a.k.a. Kuupuu)
su.2.10.2011 Tre / Hertta / + Rintala (a.k.a. Verde)
ma.3.10.2011 Tku / Titanik / + Pirtola (a.k.a. Nosfe/Grey Park)

Titanikissa myös Nosfen näyttely menossa tuolloin, sekä miehen

Infoa Stefanosta:

Me muut:

HUOM! Keikat alkavat aikaisin! HKI = 20.00, TRE = 20.00, TKU=19.00!!!!

HUOM KANS!! Keikoille on eräiden porsaanreikien takia vapaa pääsy,
mutta keräämme matkakassaamme "vapaaehtoista" 3-5 euron kolehtia per

over+out t.pd



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

nega at kuucvaals

so, we toured around baltic countries for last weekend and played in tallinn and somewhere in the forests of latvia
we did shows with nega, and solos by me as nosfe and taphead on his own.

here's some video from the show nega played at kuucvaals industrial festival

Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

ASUS does not want me to work

After struggling for some time with severe over heating issues and some other minor problems with my ASUS g50vt notebook I had it taken for repairs. And now after three weeks I made the original call to ASUS, I still have no idea when I'll be getting it back. While my previous notebook was also from ASUS I never took it to repairs, not that it didn't have any hardware problems, but mainly because it had taken a blow or two that I only had to blame myself for and it didn't look like it would be covered by any warranty. So, this is the first experience I'm having with how ASUS deals their customers on warranty repairs. Can't say I'm happy about it.

Before having machines from ASUS I had couple Ibook models from Apple, and where first one of them which was a g3 model, had a lot of problems due to some problem with that general model which caused the mainboard to die, the repair service was always fast and reliable and never caused that much harm to me. Actually, I think that the 6 or so times my ibook went for repairs took less time together than the 3 weeks I've now been waiting for ASUS to get things done.

Until I get the machine back I can't do any work with video or photo editing, which is starting to cause me bad delays concerning the up and coming exhibitions.

They answered my mail that I send today (29.4.) saying that they are _supposed_ to get the missing parts next week and deliver my machine back then. So, no definite promise to get the machine back to me and they don't want to give me a replacement until I get my own computer back. I'll be calling the consumer agency on monday to get their opinion on this case.

update2. today(5.5.2011) I received an email from ASUS, that they don't know when they'll receive the missing part. I once again contacted the customer support and after some phonecalls and emails, was promised that they can replace my machine with a new one. But, only after they've send my old machine from sweden to netherlands for some weird fucked up reason I can't even begin to understand. Apparently they need to somehow evaluate my old machine to figure out what they'll give me instead, the bets are on how many days/weeks that'll last...

update3. today 6.5. ASUS informed me that it'll take 2-3 days for the notebook to be transferred to netherlands and that I _SHOULD_ get an offer for replacement machine during next week. I regret not buying a new computer immediately when I sent out my old one.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got invited to a new website which has artist portfolios, I'm gonna upload more things there when I get my machine back from ASUS (they took it away for repairs)
Anyway, here's my portfolio at

testing rss feed

trying to get rss feed to fb fan page.. lets see if this works

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grey Park & Dieter Müh at AAVE festival, Malmitalo, Helsinki, 15.4.2011

We're doing a concert with grey park at AAVE festival, held at Malmitalo in Helsinki.

15.4.2011 starting at 21:00
the excellent Dieter Müh will perform after us at 22:00 so come and see them too.
free entrance!

Friday, February 25, 2011

things i havent seen

most of the pics from "things i haven't seen" exhibition held at the malmitalo gallery 27.1.-19.2.2011 are now online at picasa

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

difference between ir and regular photos

quite many people asked how the infrared photos are different from a photo which would've been taken on regular film. now here's two example pics taken on efke820 film. when the photo is taken without filter the film acts like regular b/w film.

without filter

with 720nm filter

my show 'things i haven't seen' is open at malmitalo gallery until 19.2.

Vartti wrote about my exhibition at malmitalo 26.1.2011

there's a small article in the local newspaper Vartti on the issue that came out 26.1.2011
so at least the exhibition got mentioned somewhere. :)

going to jyväskylä tomorrow to finish setting up the exhibition there at the museum, opening thursday at 17:00

Thursday, January 20, 2011


two residencies abroad, one group exhibition at a museum, 7 solo exhibitions around finland, one curating of a show

and that's just the start of it.

this is gonna be one fucking busy year.