Tuesday, September 6, 2011

set the world to flames still at mältinranta until 13.9.

my exhibition set the world to flames is still open at mältinranta, tampere until 13.9.2011 so you have a week to visit it until it's all over.

today the exhibition was mentioned at Aamulehti, the local newspaper.

also the nokkonen blog wrote about it

and nelliinan vaatehuone had some pics from the opening
(also the comment section at this blog is pretty funny to read, apparently i'm an angsty clown)

aurinsusi mentioned the show at tumblr

if you can't make it to the show there is plenty of pictures at my picasa page. just take notice that watching small images on a computer screen is nothing compared to seeing huge 2 by 2 meter paintings on a wall..

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  1. quick translation of the aamulehti article to english, using google translate and then fixing it up a bit Pilvari "nosfe" Pirtola painting like it's the last day
    Pilvari Pirtola paints with enthusiasm and completely without any restraints. Mältinranta gallery is full of mostly black and red paintingsv done with a harsh touch.
    They bring to mind a scene from Kristian Smeds' play Jumala on kauneus: a painter Vilho ponds performing Fight Reima Luoto, ax chopping willful big slats from a log, and generates the museum work.
    Vilho Lampi (1898-1936) was a Finnish Vincent, and to this drastic, immediate chain of artistic work turns now Pilvari Pirtola.
    Ruthless grip continues as large and small jobs, acrylic paint, and sometimes the acrylic changes to the blood.
    Mältinranta studio photographic and video works reflects the individual's pixelation in our turbid and overcrowded time.