Friday, October 29, 2010

Taidelainaamo - The Artotheque

Finally got my ass up enough to take few of my paintings to the Artotheque at the Library of Rikhardinkatu. All four paintings are now going for the price of 800e, and artotheque works so that you can just loan the paintings for a small monthly fee, and if you want to keep em you'll just pay the fee until you've paid the whole sum. Or if the painting doesn't fit your sofa or new fridge, you can just return it to the Artotheque. I'm also gonna deliver some ready-to-wall photographs there in a month or two.

here's the four paintings:

"glimmering marsh" acrylic & leaf metal on canvas. 40x120cm 2010

"lake of blood" acrylic on canvas. 40x120cm. 2010

"riches of the land" acrylic & leaf metal on canvas. 40x120cm 2010

"It's a fine day to die" acrylic on canvas. 40x120cm 2010

All four paintings were first presented at The Black Flag Hoisted exhibition held at tm-gallery.

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