Friday, October 11, 2019

another exhibition

"Changeful me" is a shared exhibition from artists Rag Elnyg, Siiri Nevalainen and Pilvari Pirtola about personal change in identity from three different perspectives.

Rag Elnyg works with video, drawing, performance and sculpture. Elnyg’s work is anarchistic and focused on gender performativity and the culture of the personal. In the exhibition there will be a collage of drawings, video art and sculpture. Elnyg is originally from France and now based in Finland and working on Master of Arts degree at Kuvataideakatemia (Academy of High Arts Finland).

Siiri Nevalainen is a performance artist who deals with sex, death, oral fixation and ritualistic behaviour in her works. Nevalainen’s installation “Suck Suck Blow (tent series pt.3)” is influenced by camping and rave culture. Nevalainen's process for the installation began at “Nerojen päivä & Normien yö” - performance festival Friday 4th of October.

Pilvari Pirtola is a multidisciplinary artist who works with painting, performance and “demoskene”, a programmed activistic videoart, in which he is doing his Doctors’ Degree in Kuvataideakatemia (Academy of High Arts, Finland). Pirtola will exhibit four self-portaits and a video collection.

Welcome to the opening party Friday 11th of October 18-21!

The exhibition is presented 12.10-27.10

Wed-Sun 12-18
Oksasenkatu 11
00100 Helsinki

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